What We Do

“Our 100% Natural Product and Process” – has kept our customers coming back. Below are just a few of the many services we offer at Onyx Rice Mill.

Rice Processing and Packaging.

Onyx Rice Mill processes and package rice paddy into Premium Parboiled Rice suitable for consumption.
We have a highly qualitative processing and packaging system that ensures that our products meet the internationally recognised standards.

Contract Milling.

We also offer contract milling services where-by we process rice paddy and package into the customer bags.
Our contract milling service is very affordable and customer friendly.

Farmers and Outgrowers Scheme.

Onyx Rice Mill engages in farmers outgrowers scheme by training,supporting and financing small-holders farmers to boast rice production in nigeria and guarantee a high quality and also sustainable source of paddy for the mill.

Transportation Services.

Onyx Rice Mill provides customers and suppliers with integrated transportation access at competitive rates.
With our 3rd Party Transport partners and Network, we have the capabilities to deliver across Nigeria and abroad, we also utilizes adequate packaging medium from origin to final destination, and optimizes turnaround time of shipment.

General logistics

Onyx Rice Mill offers its highly competitive and smooth logistics services to in-house traders, outside private traders and government or public organizations.
The team at Onyx Rice Mill with years of experience in rice value chain, have all it takes to deliver in every area that is of utmost priority to make your business or trade a successful one.