About Us

Onyx Rice Mill Bida, located along Bida - Baddegi Road is a leading producer of premium savannah Rice in Nigeria.

Onyx Rice Mill Bida is the agribusiness arm of Onyx Multi-venture Services Ltd. Onyx Rice Mill is an indigenous rice mill with a 40 MT per day installed capacity. It was established in 2009 and full operation began in 2013 and had produced over 30,000 MT of Rice.

Located along Bida - Badeggi highway in Bida directly opposite Litani Military Barracks, with an area of nearly 2000 square meters for production, parboiling and milling, with an annual output of more than 7000 MT.

Onyx Rice Mill has its distribution outlines across various states in the country, the company consist of the Customer Service Department, Marketing Department, Farm Production, Supply, Processing & Quality Control, Finance Department e.t.c. We have over 50 employees including Professional Consultants, Technicians and Administrator/Marketers.

We are a Semi-Automated rice processing company with state of the art machineries to guarantee great quality and adhering to the business concept of qualitative service delivery. Onyx Rice Mill has successfully been processing premium parboiled rice for Nigerian Market since 2013.

In ensuring that our raw materials supply is constant, we engage farmers into our Out-growers scheme which we started since 2012 and being managed by our expert extension officers. The scheme has also empowered over 8000 farmers by providing interest free loans to the farmers and in-turn the farmers pay in paddy, we do this with the intention of increasing rice production and improving small holder’s rice farmer’s livelihood.

Also, we have been able to link these farmers to our international partners such as IFAD, GIZ and CARI for technical and other supports.

Our products go through stringent Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes at every production points. This assures the delivery of high quality premium parboiled milled rice.

At Onyx Rice Mill, our Vision is to become one of the foremost rice milling and processing plant in Nigeria. In order to achieve this feat, we deploy the best milling machines for production, engage good manufacturing practices and guarantee quality during milling and processing of the rice.

Our Customer service strategy is to ensure that our customers (i.e. distributors and direct customers) are satisfied thereby creating a ripple effect of referrers.

Our numbers


MT of Rice Produced

Since we began operation in 2013, we have milled and bag over 30,000 Metric Tones of Rice.


Bags of Rice Sold

With over Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand bags of rice sold since 2013.



At Onyx Rice Mill - Bida, Customers satisfaction is a non negotiable experience to which we offer.